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Mysterious ‘Exiles’ Character Revealed As Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie Making Comicbook Debut

Thor: Ragnarok took movie theaters by storm after its release on November 3rd, 2017, garnering thunderously positive reviews. Please excuse the puns, they couldn’t be helped. Characters like the stone-faced (last one, promise) Korg were comedic show stealers, and Marvel Comics agreed that Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie was not far behind.


Ragnarok’s Valkyrie was a junkyard mercenary on Sakaar, running away from her traumatic past as an Asgardian defender. Her beer swilling and nonchalant attitude made her sympathetic turn far more endearing towards the latter half of the film.


Marvel’s recent reveal of the Exiles #1 had left room open for fans to speculate a mysterious character on the bottom right of the cover art.

Check Out Valkyrie’s Design For Exiles #1 On Page 2…