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Members Of Marvel’s Young Guns 2018 Answer Questions And Share Their Love For Spider-Man

Marvel recently sat down with their early-career artists, also known as “Young Guns,” to shed some light on their experiences with the company. These interviews also explored the influences of these artists as well as what Marvel comicbook was their first.




The Young Guns of 2018 consisted of artists and writers like Pepe Larraz, Javier Garrón, Marco Checchetto, Aaron Kuder, Mike Del Mundo, and Russell Dauterman.




Garrón previously created a comicbook in Spanish, pitting the Fantastic Four against the Puppet Master, and Spider-Man versus Sandman. Garrón thought Spidey was the most encapsulating hero that echoed the spirit of Marvel the best.


“He’s someone you can relate to. He’s struggling to balance every aspect of his life: work, family, friends, relationships… And on top of that, he has great tragedies in his life, great losses that have marked him forever,” Garrón said.


“He has enormous responsibilities and huge problems and dangers to face. He makes mistakes; he’s not perfect by any means,” he continued. “But he tries to be better every day, to overcome every adversity and help everybody around him–always with a punchline ready. His stories have everything: drama, comedy, intrigue, and epic-ness. He’s the full package,” he continued.

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