Meet The ‘Asgardians Of The Galaxy’ In A New Action Packed Comicbook Series

Watch out Guardians of the Galaxy, we’ve got a new crew on the scene making their name in the cosmos in a fresh new series called Asgardians of the Galaxy. The exciting first issue comes from writer Cullen Bunn and artists Matteo Lolli and Federico Blee. They are taking some Asgardians and extended family/friends and putting them all on one strange and sort of dysfunctional team to take on the end of days as everyone knows it.




Just in case you’re not too familiar with some of the characters making an appearance in Asgardians of the Galaxy #1, here goes a roll call with some things you’ll need to know about each one of these heroes. Check it out below . . .




Now that you’re acquainted, the story escalates pretty quickly right from the first few pages. Angela and The Destroyer show up together in some sort of time/space travel portal to snatch up Annabelle Riggs to come to join their cause. Annabelle can’t say no especially with the galaxy in big trouble, and there is definitely another side of her that’s curious and hungry for a good fight.




That part of her personality that longs for battle definitely comes from Valkyrie, but nonetheless, both of these combined entities will be instrumental to the survival of the galaxy in the events to come.


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