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Marvel’s Rogue And Gambit Are Officially Back Together In New Comicbook

X-Men’s mutant duo Gambit and Rouge have been playing the tortured romantic game on and off since the beginning. Their chemistry and genuine love for one another is tangible on the pages and obvious to the readers if not everyone surrounding the duo in the comicbooks. But, unfortunately, it seems like their circumstances and their tragic past has always gotten in the way of things working out for them.




In the new comicbook series Rogue & Gambit, the two mutants are put into situations where trust is going to be instrumental in their survival and sometimes, that means leaving the past where it is and just being thankful for the moment you’re in at the time.




So Rogue and Gambit end up on a strange island in issue #3 where they are undergoing some couples therapy and trying to solve a mystery that involves disappearing people, their diminished mutant abilities and memories, a bunch of clones that look like different versions of themselves from the past, and a mischevious new villain by the name of Lavish.




But if you know anything about Rogue and Gambit you understand that they won’t go down without a fight!


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