Marvel’s Old Man Punisher Teams Up With Logan In Action Packed Comicbook

Old Man Logan Annual #1 is alive, and let’s just start by saying that it’s absolutely awesome! It picks up after Logan was able to defeat and kill the violent and deranged Hulk Gang who were responsible for killing his wife and kids years after he put his claws away for good. Now Logan is roaming the wasteland ruled by criminal and outlaw gangs with a young Hulk child and not quite sure what his next move will be.




Logan ends up making it to a town with the child and learns that they are suffering at the hands of a group called the Punishers. They are way more cruel to the townspeople than the Hulk Gang ever was, and with them out of the way, the Punishers have killed all of the men and kidnapped all of their children! Logan decides the only right thing is to go and confront them himself feeling responsible for what destruction is now underway.




Unfortunately, Logan arrives at their base, he is immediately shot in the head by a sniper not willing to comply to Logan’s demands to speak to the head honcho. When he awakes he finds that he’s in a strange place with a very familiar face. Although he’s aged, there’s no mistaking the one and only Frank Castle.




Frank was able to pull Logan’s body away from The Punishers’ base before they could do him any more harm, and that’s when the two are able to figure out what to do next as a team.


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