Marvel’s Goals They Had In Mind While Bringing Iron Man Into The MCU

Just about ten years ago, Kevin Feige, the big chief over at Marvel Studios was able to organize a team with the purpose of creating an interconnected cinematic comicbook universe. It all began with Iron Man in 2008, and after that, the rest was pretty much history. Since then, 19 more films have been released comprising the MCU, and truth be told, this is just the beginning.




Marvel Studios is now in various planning and production stages on multiple unreleased titles that will be wrapping up Phase 3 and beginning Phase 4. It’s crazy to sit back and watch everything play out and connect the dots that detail a master plan that honors the original source material in a way that feels authentic and engaging, which is exactly the way that it was intended to be from the very beginning.




Per Cinema Blend, Marvel Chief Kevin Feige expressed the primary goals in the forefront of the team’s collective mind when it came to first creating the MCU with Iron Man at the helm:

“I would say we dreamed of this. I would say while we were doing the first Iron Man film, there were two thoughts in our heads. One was, ‘Get it done and get it in theatres.’ The other goal was, ‘Make Tony Stark a household name.’ We wanted to get people who didn’t read the comics or see him in the cartoon series to realize he’s one of the coolest superheroes that’s ever existed. The secondary goals that we dreamed about was to bring the interconnected universe from the comic books up on to the big screen. At that point, Avengers 1 was a far-off distant dream, but this has always been in the back of our heads.”




In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Feige also had this to say to further drive the vision home:

“When we were casting Guardians of the Galaxy and looking for Star-Lord, we were saying things like, ‘You know, if things go right, we have to find a great actor to play Peter Quill because someday that actor might have to do scenes with the Avengers.'”


As we know from Avengers: Infinity War, this moment came to fruition and was one of the more entertaining moments to watch unfold on screen with Quill and Stark’s witty banter between one another. As things progress we can only hope that Marvel Studios will give us more moments like this to enjoy and have all of the tools at their disposal to do so.


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