Marvel’s ‘First’ Avengers Debut In New Comicbook One Million Years In The Past

Earth seems to always have a way of finding itself a route into trouble, and with that, it will always need protectors. Perhaps that’s how it has always been, at least in this new Avengers comicbook that takes us back, way back into time.




In fact, we go as far back as one million years where we get a glimpse of the Earth’s First Mightiest Heroes consisting of Agamotto the Sorcerer Supreme, a mammoth riding spirit of vengeance AKA Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, Black Panther, Pheonix who strangely looks just like Jean Grey, Starbrand who resembles our buddy the Hulk, and Odin . . . THE Odin. Oh yeah and he’s wielding the mighty hammer Mjolnir.




These heroes assembled themselves when the Earth needed them most all those years ago to face an impossible threat. In the recent past, they were able to stand up against and stop an out of control Celestial known as The Fallen, but that may have just been a fluke.




With more fully strengthened Celestials on the way to get revenge for their fallen companion, the prehistoric heroes of Earth have quite the battle to look forward to if they can survive, that is.


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