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Marvelous March Holidays: Days 17-24

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! But we didn’t choose to highlight this classic Irish celebration today; rather, we selected a laid back festivity for our readers to honor instead because you’ll want to save your energy for all eight of the holidays we’ve got lined up for you below!


March 17: National Quilting Day



Some people may be under the impression that quilting is a dying industry, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The earliest evidence of quilting stretches as far back as 3400 BC, and the beloved pastime is not going anywhere; in fact, a 2014 study revealed that more than 21 million people quilt, contributing about $3.7 billion to the industry a year. It’s true that most of the people who partake in this hobby are women above the age of 60, but today tap into your creative side and diversify that pot with us! (Plus, it’s really quite fun to pick out all your materials!)


March 18: Awkward Moments Day



If you’d rather not experience one of these yourself today (really, who welcomes awkward moments?!), just follow the exploits of any average teenager – whether in books, comics, movies, or on TV. TRSL superhero recommendations: Spider-Man or the teenage (more recent) version of Ms. Marvel. A few stories from either of these heroes should provide you with more than enough uncomfortable episodes to last a lifetime – or three.


March 19: National Chocolate Caramel Day


Honestly, I’m so happy that two of the greatest sweets ever have their own combined holiday. Just think of how many popular candy bars blend chocolate and caramel: Snickers, Take 5, Baby Ruth, Whatchamacallit, Milk Duds, Twix, Sky Bar, Milky Way, and the most amazing confection known to man, Cadbury’s Caramello, just to name a few. What’s your favorite chocolate caramel duo?