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Marvel Writer Dan Slott Reveals Spider-Man’s Newest Villain – The Red Goblin

It seems that our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is about to cross paths with a potential new deadly foe: The Red Goblin! Marvel Comics is teasing that the next major Spider-event from writer Dan Slott (“Spider-Island,” “Spider-Verse”) will showcase a “final battle” between Spidey and his arch-nemesis, the Green Goblin, while serving as the introduction to this new crimson-hued character.


Since he started his writing chores on Ol’ Web-Head in 2008, Slott’s been working toward an epic showdown between Spidey and Norman Osborn – who despite losing his powers and regaining his sanity, still stews in his hatred for the Arach-knight. Now, it seems this animosity will come to yet another head, when the “Go Down Swinging” arc kicks off in March 2018.


“The last time we saw the Green Goblin was in ‘Goblin Nation’ at the culmination of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN,” said Marvel editor Nick Lowe in a press release announcing the event. “You’d almost think that was the biggest Green Goblin story Dan Slott had in him. You’d be wrong.”


“And make sure you watch to the end of the trailer!” he added, imploring fans to stick around for the unveiling of the Red Goblin which caps off a short video promoting the upcoming arc.


While his editor has proclaimed this Slott’s grandest Spidey story to date, solicitations for the book also state that it will be his last.

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