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Who’s The New Ultimate Thor? Marvel Makes An Announcement

Believe it or not, your favorite superhero hasn’t always been the same (super)person. Steve Rogers is best known as Captain America, but there have been at least 12 different incarnations of the character. Tony Stark may be the only Iron Man, and Peter Parker the sole Spider-Man, but with alternate universes and clever crossovers, we’ve seen others pick up their comic book mantle.

You Remember Donald Blake?


Thor is another mythic figure with multiple players. The first, and most famous, is disabled med student turned doctor Donald Blake. But keeping track of the various incarnations of the Norse God could require a PhD in statistics. Marvel, on the other hand, has simplified things a bit by announcing a THIRD Thor in their most recent limited edition run of the comic. Entitled The Mighty Thor #20, it turns out that someone unexpected will pick up the Ultimate Mjolnir.

Or Maybe This Is Your Thor


Many thought Odinson would wield the enchanted hammer. Thor ally Volstagg, however, survives a maggot bomb and is filled with rage and a need for revenge. Thus, he grabs the object and becomes “War Thor.” It’s a twist most fans didn’t see coming and since it was announced, there’s been a great deal of back and forth among the faithful. For the most part, many like what Marvel has done. Others…

Who’s The Latest Incarnation?


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