Marvel Is Introducing A New Incarnation Of Thor!

After the “Unworthy Thor” miniseries presented in gruesome detail the lengths to which Thor Odinson would go to recover and ultimately (excuse the pun) forgo the power of Ultimate Mjölnir, comicbook fans have waited anxiously for the identity of the Thunder God’s third incarnation to be revealed. The Mighty Thor #20 has finally answered the clamoring of the Asgard faithful. The War of Realms, nine of them in total, continues unabated whilst Odinson travels amongst Dark Elf and Dwarven-kind in the land of Svartalfheim. He witnesses the persistently negative effects that constant battle has taken on the innocent Light Elf refugees from Alfheim, given amnesty from the local middle-region inhabitants, starving and quickly running empty of resources.

Who Will Succeed The Mighty Thor?


In comes the benevolent Volstagg of the Warriors Three, light-hearted and long-time companion to Thor, to entertain and bring aid to the children of this hideaway. He arrives with environmental S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Roz Solomon to the Dwarven mines only to later see them burst into the flames of Muspelheim. The villainous Surtur and his demons take The War of Realms to the recouping refugees, unleashing an explosive maggot bomb upon them. By the time Volstagg had made an attempt to rescue the Light Elf children from the blast, all was consumed within a blaze of hellish fire.

Is This The Latest Incarnation?


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