Check Out This Stunning Gallery Of Fan Art From The Marvel Universe

Fans of characters in the Marvel Universe will be in for a big treat after checking out these works of art below. Created by some of their biggest fans, there’s no shortage of talent surrounding these versions of Marvel’s most popular comicbook characters.

From Spider-Man to the Hulk to the X-Men, these dazzling pieces are sure to please every single Marvel Universe fan on the planet. So take a look at these 15 pieces of fan art to follow and try to pick just one favorite. We dare you.

Two villains. Two franchises – The Fantastic 4 and The X-Men – and a dynamic burst of color.

What could be better than seeing Wolverine battle it out against a T-Rex?

We’re not sure whose expression we like better – Spider-Man or Venom?

The artist’s amazing ability to capture every single detail is astonishingly realistic.

This Thor versus a sea creature illustration has so much energy contained within such a small space.

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