Marvel Studios Reveals Initial Captain Marvel Concept Art First Shown At SDCC 2017

The clock is ticking for Captain Marvel, that is to say, that the release date is getting closer for the movie every day, and that means new bits and pieces are coming out that show us more about what’s to come. Not long ago, we got the first trailer for the film and finally got to see Brie Larson playing Carol Danvers in all her glory. At least, we got a whole trailer’s worth of footage. After a long time speculating, fans finally got to see exactly what the film adaptation of Captain Marvel will look like. After all, there are decades of comicbook arcs to pull from.




This has been a long time coming. The Captain Marvel character has been a part of Marvel Comics for over 50 years, and the film adaptation was announced over two years ago. Since then, all there was was a handful of set photos with no context. There have been plenty of iterations of the character over the years, so any clues about what the final look will be have been heavily analyzed from the start. The green Kree suit, in particular, had fans questioning what the final product would look like since it was a far cry from the red, blue, and gold that we were expecting.




Even though the green suit is still going to be used in the film, the traditional red, blue, and gold was always the plan, and now there’s old concept art to prove it. Marvel Studios’ Director of Visual Development and artist Andy Park revealed a piece that was only shown to a few lucky fans back in 2017 at San Diego Comic Con.


The design looks remarkably similar to the suit we saw in the trailer as it shows Danvers, as portrayed by Larson, in a triumphant pose, the gold star shining brightly and everything. Check it out below:



Hopefully, more behind-the-scenes art is to come so that all of us can get a better look at the new parts of the universe that Captain Marvel is bringing to life in the MCU. The film is only a few months away, so it will be very interesting to see exactly how all of the concept art that has been created over the past few years will be utilized in the final cut!


Captain Marvel will come to theaters on March 8, 2019!