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Marvel Studios Releases New Trailer For DVD Release Of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

The behemoth that is Avengers: Infinity War keeps on rolling. Another Top-15 week at the box office pushed its totals to almost $675 million domestically and an astounding $2.04 billion worldwide. Not only that, but Kevin Feige recently sat down with Birth Movies Death and let us know that the ramifications of Thanos’ snap are even more far-reaching than we originally thought.

BMD: “I do need to confirm something about the outcome of Infinity War, and apologies if you’ve addressed this – the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp led to conversations. Are half the animals dead? Are half of the horses gone? Half of the ants?”

Feige: “Yes! Yes. All life.”




Half of the existence in the universe truly means half of the existence in the universe, got it!




With all of the success that Marvel Studios has seen with Infinity War in theaters, it’s time to turn their attention to bringing all of the heroes in the film into our homes. The release of Avengers: Infinity War on DVD is right around the corner, and to commemorate its release, Marvel Studios has released a new trailer. Millions of people have already seen the film, but they’re able to use parts of it in the home media release that they couldn’t use for the theatrical release. From Thor wielding Stormbreaker to Thanos using the Infinity Stones and some of the jokes that had us cracking up in the theaters, they’ve brought it all. Check it out below!



Avengers: Infinity War on DVD hits retailers on August 14th. Make sure you get your copy to relive the epic battle in the comfort of your home!


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