Marvel Studios Is Already Discussing The MCU Films Up To 2025 Says Kevin Feige

The time has finally come. Avengers: Infinity War has been released to the world, so we can now take it all in. Now the countdown clock starts over as we wait for Avengers 4, which will hopefully be an even more grand finale than what we’ve already seen. Of course, in between this torturous year of waiting to see what will happen with our heroes, we will have two movies in between.




This summer Ant-Man and the Wasp will come to theaters and the sequel to 2015’s Ant-Man will take place before the events of Infinity War. Next March Captain Marvel comes to theaters as an origin film for the comicbook heroine (set in the 90’s), and will hopefully set up her appearances in *ahem* future MCU films.


Marvel Studios is nothing if not forward thinking. The team of filmmakers like the Russo Brothers, James Gunn, Jon Favreau, and more have brought several iconic comicbook characters to life but would not have such creative liberties if it were not for the fearless leadership of Kevin Feige. As Infinity War’s opening weekend unfolded, Feige reflected about the past, present, and future of storytelling in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.




The box office numbers for Infinity War are already staggering, and this is coming off of the monumental success of Black Panther, released only 3 months prior. Needless to say, Marvel Studios is on a winning streak. Feige spoke about the success of Black Panther, saying the following:


“We dream big at Marvel Studios. We have very lofty aspirations at Marvel Studios. For those dreams to be surpassed is saying something”




The continued success is because of the impact of a loyal, worldwide fan base, and that originally stemmed from the love of the comicbook characters. Feige also understands that the source material is the key to fan connection and should always be respected and utilized.


“There are still things that are key elements to a lot of our characters in their comic incarnations that we haven’t even done yet for characters who have had three or four movies. It is an amazing wealth of creative material to pull from.”


Of course, this wealth of material has everyone wondering about what will happen next, considering how much things have changed with the release of Infinity War. Feige is not worried.


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