Marvel Studios Has Just Re-Signed Black Panther’s Most Important Contributor For The Sequel!

The legacy of Wakanda will continue on! This February brought the MCU, the comicbook film platform, and cinema as a whole a bona fide game-changer with the release of Black Panther. We saw it, we loved it, we rewatched it, and we moved forward in our lives knowing that the crossing of arms in front of chests would always signify “Wakanda Forever.” Since then, we’ve had a multitude of other exciting films that have come to theaters, especially the epic team-up that was Avengers: Infinity War (even if it led to the untimely demise of our hero, King T’challa). Regardless of his death at the end of Infinity War, there is still a confirmed sequel to look forward to.


The biggest question after the stellar release of Black Panther has always been, “how can this magic be replicated or continued?” While it’s never certain how a sequel will do, it is always relieving to know that it will be in good hands. Luckily for us, news today points exactly towards that: a set of good hands for Wakanda’s next solo adventure.




Ryan Coogler has officially signed on to write and direct the as-yet-untitled sequel to Black Panther, according to exclusive reports.


Since the release, there has been nothing but praise for Coogler’s direction from critics, fans, and especially Marvel Studios Pres. Kevin Feige.  The hope of everyone was that the rich world of Wakanda and its citizens could remain within the vision of Coogler, so it is a no-brainer that this has become signed and sealed. The report confirms that Marvel Studios has wanted to maintain the creative team from the first film as much as fans did, so here we are!




This good news continues to set the stage for the elusive MCU stage four that will begin with the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming after we see how the Infinity War saga concludes when Avengers 4 releases in May of next year.


The confirmation of Black Panther 2 comes as the second sequel for a deceased character at the hands of Thanos’ finger snap, so all eyes are even more focused on the outcome of Avengers 4 to give fans a foundation for the sequel.


This schedule gives Ryan Coogler and his creative team plenty of time to figure out what direction to go in after the dust clears on Wakanda, as we can assume that Chadwick Boseman will also be returning for his titular role.




The report claims that Coogler consequently hopes to start working on the script next year with a tentative schedule to begin production in late 2019 or early 2020. This is only an initial timetable, so it can easily change as time goes forward.


The first three phases of the MCU had been formally announced by Marvel Studios and Disney, so awaiting an imminent fourth phase announcement, the exact details are still up in the air in regards to timeframes and other titles from the MCU in the future. There is also the Fox/Disney merger to take into account, so the addition of characters like Deadpool, X-Men, and Fantastic Four will certainly occupy portions of the timeline for the future of Marvel Studios.


Having said that, the film saw unprecedented success, not to mention a phenomenon in pop culture that transcended genres and artistic mediums. It is still unlikely that any sequel to Black Panther, especially now that Coogler is officially helming the film, will be put on the backburner for any reason. After all, the first film has made more than $1.3 billion worldwide.


In the meantime, we can see Coogler’s handiwork in the upcoming films Wrong Answer and Creed 2, both of which he produced and executive produced, that both star Michael B. Jordan.


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