Marvel Studios Created A 10th Anniversary Celebration Website And New Posters


We saw Scott Lang suit up as Ant-Man in his first film, as well as in Civil War. The 20th film in the MCU will show him suiting up again, this time with Hope Van Dyne accompanying him. Now that Lang has gotten a taste of the superhero life in Civil War, it will be interesting to see where the second film will take him and the Wasp. Hopefully, we will get to see both of them in Avengers 4, too. The heroes can definitely use their help!



Loki has had the most tumultuous redemption story in the MCU, going from the villain in the first Avengers film, to Asgard’s (disguised) king, to playing a part in the rescue of Asgard’s people, and met his end in an attempt to save his brother and friends from the clutches of Thanos. It took him a while, but Loki has indeed become much more than a trickster, while still holding onto his cunning ways to the very end. And as for Clint Barton, this original Avenger may have been absent from the carnage of Infinity War, but that doesn’t mean he was forgotten! The master archer has certainly played his part, since his first appearance in Thor.


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Finally, you can’t forget the gang from outer space! Rocket Raccoon may be a trash panda, but as his caption says, he is so much more. Not only is he the only surviving Guardian of the Galaxy after Thanos’ damage was done, but he has become a serious ally for Star-Lord and the Guardians, and a father figure to Groot. And there’s no one who saves the galaxy with more pizzazz (and dumb luck) than Peter Quill. Since the first Guardians film, ravager-turned-superhero Peter has brought more than just some awesome 80s soundtracks.


To see the rest of these awesome Marvel Tenth Anniversary posters and the full site, go HERE. And Ant-Man and the Wasp hits theaters on July 6, 2018.

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