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Marvel Studios’ Artist Explains Why The ‘Coolest’ Designs Aren’t Always Picked For Films

During any filmmaking process, there are bound to be many ideas that don’t make the cut and are forever relegated to their original medium. Designs of heroes and sets can often be a way of chipping away until the look is just right, but sometimes there are often unique and wonderfully creative costumes that are thrown to the cutting room floor. When fans have a glimpse at unused character designs, many of them wonder as to why those aren’t in the movies as opposed to the ones that were chosen.




Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor Andy Park oversees every bit of the early creative design process. With the help of his team, Park gets the ball rolling and helps to set the mood for the upcoming Marvel films. Park maintains an active social media presence, showing fans on Instagram his different designs for a caped T’Chaka or a far more demonic looking Hela from Thor: Ragnarok.




Park recently sat down with Screen Rant for an interview and discussed the creative process and why the “coolest” designs for characters end up not being used.

The Evolution Of Cap


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