Marvel Studios’ 10-Year MCU Anniversary Poster For SDCC Has Been Revealed!

The biggest weekend of the year (for pop culture fans, at least) is swiftly approaching. That’s right, it’s almost time for San Diego Comic-Con! The five-day event every July brings together pop culture fans and creators from all over the world to celebrate everyone’s love of movies, TV, art, merchandise, and of course, comics in the form of a giant expo hall, and hundreds of live panels with casts and creators.


Every year, one of the most anticipated panels of SDCC has been the Marvel Studios Panel which takes place in the illustrious Hall H. In the past, fans have not only purchased tickets for SDCC just for the purpose of being an audience member at the Marvel Studios Panel, but they’ve camped out the night before to get a spot inside.




Sadly, it has been announced this year that Marvel Studios will not be making an appearance in Hall H this year. Although the docket for upcoming MCU films is far from empty, it seems that Marvel Studios want to keep any upcoming news about Avengers 4 and the movies beyond completely under wraps.


Instead, this year, the team at Marvel Studios has decided to tap into the nostalgia of the millions of Marvel fans. It has been revealed that there will be a Marvel Studios 10-year anniversary presentation at Comic-Con instead. Although this presentation probably won’t reveal any information about the upcoming films, some Marvel cast members could still make an appearance if they want to. At Comic-Con, anything can happen!




With only a few weeks until the event, the folks at Marvel decided it was time to give us a little glimpse into what the presentation will entail in the form of the exclusive poster with our heroes on it to commemorate the first 10 years. The poster (created in partnership with the vendor Mondo and illustrated by artist Matt Taylor) will be released as the cover of the souvenir book, as well as a limited edition poster which will be awarded to 1,000 fans. The period for entering the raffle is now until June 7, so if you’d like to get a chance at this SDCC exclusive poster, act now!




How do you get your hand on this awesome poster? According to the SDCC blog, fans must submit their names on the SDCC website and all “interested” parties will be chosen randomly in a raffle. For the winners, the poster will be available to buy the  24″x 36″ poster for $70.00. You can see the full instructions here.


The Marvel presentation for San Diego Comic-Con is still up in the air, but the stakes have gotten higher with the reveal of this poster, that’s for sure! San Diego Comic-Con will be taking place in San Diego, California from July 19 until July 22, 2018.

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