Marvel Reveals Identities Of Heroes In Possession Of Infinity Stones

An official announcement from Marvel Comics has finally divulged the identities of the characters in possession of the Infinity Stones in the upcoming Infinity Countdown series. The first two issues will cover previously untrodden ground, as evidenced by the covers for each comicbook. The All-New Guardians of the Galaxy team, consisting of Gerry Duggan and Aaron Kuder, will lend the narrative some gravitas in both writing and artistic styling.


Initially thought to be expelled from the Marvel Earth-616 Universe altogether, the Infinity Stones are making a comeback, appearing in the hands of some unlikely superheroes. Marvel Legacy #1 revealed a newly resurrected Wolverine (Logan) in possession of a bright blue gem after duking it out with a frost giant.


This storyline is developing into a threat that looms over every character in the Marvel Universe. Heroes are on the hunt for the Infinity Stones, desperately trying to contain an evil cosmic force.

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