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Marvel Studios Shares New, Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Early In The MCU

It always seems like the older we get, the quicker time passes. Now, as we know, it’s not that time passes any faster, it’s simply our perspective on it that changes. As we look back on the past decade, it would seem like just yesterday the first Iron Man was hitting theaters, but it’s been a long and tough journey to get where we are today.




Marvel Studios seemed to be in a rather nostalgic mood and decided now was the perfect time to share some photographs taken behind-the-scenes from films during Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe it’s because Avengers: Infinity War is around the corner or the fact that we can already see the finish line for Phase Three in the distance. Whatever their reason, we like it. Check out the photos below!


Iron Man



This classic scene from the first Iron Man was where we got to watch Tony Stark start get comfortable with his new suit. He learned how to use his suit and boosters to fly, fight, and become the hero that would get the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off!


Captain America: The First Avenger



We are about to witness the transformation of a scrawny young man with a whole lot of heart finally get the size and power that a man of his caliber deserved. Steve Rogers would soon become the Captain America that we now know and love!

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