Marvel Meets McDonald’s As Cosplayers Turn Grimace Into The Mad Titan Thanos!

There was once a time where dressing up in costumes was mostly saved for Halloween, but now, the holiday tradition has become incredibly popular among children and adults alike. It’s good for us grown-ups to keep a child-like sense of wonder and joy with us as we traverse through the world of business, bills, and raising children of our own, and cosplay is a perfect outlet to let go and enjoy yourself around other like-minded individuals.




Cosplay is also serious business to some folks, and while it is meant to be a joyous occasion, it isn’t just fun and games. At comic and fantasy conventions across the world, cosplayers bring their A-game after spending countless hours perfecting their costumes to battle it out for cash and prizes. From comicbooks to anime, gaming to fantasy, each person’s craftsmanship, design, and ingenuity is judged until one costumed champion is crowned as this year’s best in each category, proving once again that if we as humans can dream it, we can also turn it into a competition!




One amazing cosplay duo may have finally come up with the ultimate cosplay collaboration – powerful enough to wipe out half of the cosplay universe with the snap of his fast-food fingers. Wait, does Grimace have fingers? Let’s not digress…Kittie Cosplay and Banana Steve took the Mad Titan Thanos and combined him with Grimace, the beloved McDonald’s character, and created the most [email protected]$$ fast food character in the universe. We, with all credit to them, present to you… Grimos!



Avengers: Infinity War showed us just how powerful Thanos is in live-action, but little did we know, there was another creature on Earth that was able to harness the power of all six Infinity Stones, (which are shaped like McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets) with his Infinity Oven Mit. If this didn’t take home first prize at the Monterey Comic-Con it would be a travesty. The fact is, we should’ve known this costume was on the way the moment Star-Lord called Thanos Grimace during the film. What we didn’t know is that it would team up with other fast food heroes and for the “McVengers!”



… now I want some chicken nuggets.


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