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Marvel Legacy Is Leaving Out A Major Character From The X-Men

Marvel Legacy’s release in September saw the valiant return of veteran Marvel heroes including original X-Men team members. After 13 years, Marvel will be reviving Jean Grey with a five-issue storyline called Phoenix Resurrection: The Return Of Jean Grey, set to hit shelves in December.


Even the Wolverine (Logan) of Earth-616 had made his triumphant, yet mysterious return after battling Snarr, a frost giant from Jotunheim, for the possession of an Infinity Gem (Space). However, it seems that Marvel will be sticking to their guns in keeping with the Death Of X miniseries as editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said during a panel at New York Comic Con 2017 that there are currently no plans to resurrect X-Men team leader, Cyclops.


Ever since the appearance of the terrigenesis clouds, known mostly to the Inhumans and their creation through terrigen mist, mutants of earth had been dying left and right from a radically encroaching disease known as M-Pox.


The ANAD X-Men team, led by a fanatical, magneto-like Scott Summers discovered a slew of mutant bodies ravaged by the virus on Muir Island, finding the afflicted Jamie Madrox dying with no signs of his wife Layla Miller, who could have easily revived him with her reanimation abilities. Throughout the miniseries, the X-Men and Inhumans had been walking a delicate tightrope of diplomacy until a series of events led to Cyclops condemning the Attilan superhero group for their crimes against mutant kind.

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