Marvel Is Changing The Game With Their Old School Take On Avengers

Just when you think Marvel Comics can’t possibly get any more original, they get literally original!

Marvel is giving modern and old school comic fans a glimpse into the past with a new series called Marvel Legacy, which stars an ancient team of Avengers.


Marvel Legacy will focus on a group of characters whose histories have been instrumental in the development of the comics the world knows and loves today.

Marvel is taking comics into the future by going back in time – 1,000,000 B.C. to be exact.

Could Thor’s Father Be A Featured Character?


Marvel Legacy is uniting ancient versions of Black Panther, Phoenix, Ghost Rider, and Star Brand, along with established characters Odin and Agamotto.

Jason Aaron (The Mighty Thor) will write the first issue and Esad Ribic (Secret Wars) will illustrate the 50-page story that will give readers an in-depth look at how the Marvel Universe is all connected.


Marvel Legacy is being described as a “story that’s much more than just a history lesson” and is rumored to have mysteries and secrets that will have a profound impact on Marvel Universe.

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