Marvel Introduces The ‘Hulkverine’ In New ‘Weapon H’ Comicbook

The Wolverine and the Incredible Hulk are definitely two of the most terrifying warriors in the Marvel universe. One is armed to the tooth and nail with an adamantium skeleton and a healing factor that allows him to regenerate from virtually any wound. The other is a HUGE immortal berserker that really has no limits to his own strength. In Marvel’s new comicbook series entitled Weapon H we get a look at what it might be like if both of these science experiments collided in a truly terrifying way.




Enter Clay, an ex-mercenary. After disobeying orders to take out a village containing innocent civilians, he became subject to a series of horrible experiments, the likes of a “Weapon X” program. The ones responsible end up combining Hulk and Wolverine’s DNA and deliver it to Clay, transforming him into a hybrid monster.




Weapon H #2 picks up after his transformation and puts him out in the wild fighting for his survival. The reigning sorcerer supreme, Dr. Stephen Strange is aware of the existence of the Hulkverine and is troubled by the potential problems a killer like this presents for the world.




Along the way, Clay has quite the epic battle with a classic mythical beast that is all too familiar with the Hulk bloodline.


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