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Marvel-Inspired Ink: Tattoos Influenced By Designs Within Marvel Comics And The MCU

Of the many forms of self-expression, the permanence of tattoos often requires thought before application. The human canvas becomes inundated with many questions, but mainly “what is the meaning the ink is trying to convey?” is the top query.


Marvel’s long, illustrious history has garnered a devoted fan base throughout the decades, providing both exciting imagery and storytelling within the panels of their comicbooks. Marvel Studios has become a cinematic spearhead within the past 10 years, giving moviegoers and those aforementioned comicbook fans a real treat on the silver screen.


The list below catalogs some of the most impressively rendered tattoos, all done in celebration of Marvel’s legacy and how positively the company has affected the people in these pictures.


This comicbook fan remembers Wolverine’s first appearance, fighting against The Wendigo and The Incredible Hulk.

A back tattoo depicting the struggle of Good Vs. Evil in Spider-Man battling against Venom.

The design of Star-Lord’s helmet made an impressive impact on this GOTG fan.

Thor’s taking flight with Mjölnir’s momentum, threatening to burst from this fan’s arm in an inconceivable force.

A sleeve of classic comicbook characters like Daredevil, Wolverine, Cap, and Hulk fighting crime.

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