Marvel Foreshadows A Big Death Fated To Hit The Guardians Of The Galaxy

It seems that Gamora has been up to some pretty interesting stuff in Marvel’s new comicbook series, Infinity Wars. On a quest to reunite with the fragment of herself trapped in the Soul Stone, Gamora hasn’t been letting anything or anyone get in her way as we’ve seen in the first three issues. The most deadly woman in the universe was even able to kill Thanos, which everyone thought was pretty much impossible. Using a sword infused the strength from the Power Stone, she separated the Mad Titan’s head from his shoulders and took his skull along with her on the ride to find the rest of the Infinity Stones.




Over the course of the story, she’s proven just how deep her resolve is by fighting members of the Guardians of Galaxy, injuring Drax, and killing Starlord (although Doctor Strange brought him back using the Time Stone).




Now she’s secured all of the Infinity Stones for herself and folded the universe and all of its inhabitants in half presumably to cleanse the horrors trapped within the Soul Stone. With all of her choices in mind, it’s entirely possible that she may be the death that’s teased in the upcoming comicbook Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian which is set to release this December. In light of all she’s done for better or worse it wouldn’t be a stretch to see Marvel killing her off for the sake of “balance” or “justice,” but we won’t know for sure until that issue kicks off.


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