Marvel Fan Gets Rewarded By The Russo Brothers After His 42nd Viewing Of ‘Infinity War’

In the year 2018, there’s no telling what will go viral. Many kids and young adults across the country gain notoriety on the Internet for some of the most appalling behavior and somehow turn those actions into record deals and reality shows. Sure, nobody seems to be able to turn away from a train wreck, but we should also be celebrating those who gain that Internet attention for positive things. Even if that positive thing may seem a little over the top to most people.




On Thursday, June 7th, a Marvel fan who goes by the name Nem: The Infinity Watcher started making the rounds on Twitter after sharing that he had seen Avengers: Infinity War in theaters a whopping 45 times already. While the film has been lauded by fans and critics alike, this level of dedication seems to be unmatched. Throughout the process, he has been sharing selfies and ticket stubs documenting his journey. Personally, I’ve “only” seen the movie three times myself. It looks like this writer has a lot of catching up to do.




Because of his dedication and fandom going viral across the web after the 42nd viewing, Nem is being rewarded. Not only did IMAX reach out and offer him 50 free tickets to make sure he keeps his streak going, but Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of Infinity War, followed him on Twitter and gave him tickets to next year’s premiere of Avengers 4. How many people are currently kicking themselves for not seeing Infinity War more often?



After getting all of this good news for his publicity, how did he celebrate? Well, as any man would… by going and watching the movie for a 44th and 45th time. This fan’s dedication knows no bounds, and we salute your effort!



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