Marvel Fan From The UK Is Claiming He’s Seen Infinity War 100 Times, With Proof

Last week, the Internet lost its collective brains over the dedication of one Marvel Fan after he saw Avengers: Infinity War over 42 times and counting. TRSL.com even covered it HERE, and it resulted in the Russo Brothers rewarding the fan in a huge way. Now, Unilad is reporting that another fan has his number shattered and has seen Infinity War 100 times since its release in the UK on April 26th. Meet Kieran Harvey, a 17-year-old from Staffordshire, England.




Speaking to Unilad, Harvey explained going so many times…

“I really didn’t plan on seeing it this many times, it just sort of happened. I go to the cinema an awful lot anyway, I saw Black Panther 30 times and so far have seen the new Deadpool 20 times. However, Avengers just felt so different to anything I’ve ever seen before, and I just love it so much so have been going as much as I can! As soon as the trailer was released I thought, I’m going to watch this a hell of a lot, but I just thought I’d reach 40, maybe pushing 50, but here we are at 100 and it’s crazy.”




He also explained how he was able to afford so many viewings…

“I do have a limitless card which is why I go to the cinema so much. I’ve only missed about three days this year so far where I haven’t been at the cinema. So that cost just under £200, which isn’t bad going for the amount I should be paying on Avengers alone! Most of the time I’ve been by myself, I don’t know anyone who could keep up with the amount I go! However, sometimes I’ll go with my parents if they want to see it again, and I have been with friends a few times but the majority of the time I’ve been going solo.”




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