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Marvel Entertainment CCO Joe Quesada Talks About The Reach Of Social Media In Comicbooks

The connectivity of social media is a miracle of the modern world, and a new responsibility has fallen onto creatives to interact with their fans in a personal way. An example would include the ability of comicbook readers to openly speak with an artist or writer of their favorite series, discussing the details of the release date, storyline, or praising the artwork itself. Naturally, this also leaves the creators open to critiques, constructive or otherwise.




Joe Quesada has been part of the world of comicbooks for quite some time, establishing himself as a veteran of the industry after performing his duties as Marvel’s editor-in-chief from 2000-2010. That’s the longest editor-in-chief run in Marvel history, besides Stan Lee.




Quesada had recently written an open letter to fans of his trade, expressing himself in a way that is unique in the Internet age, and calling attention to that form of communication that has never been part of the comicbook industry before.

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