Marvel Dishes Out An Infinity Stone To An Unlikely MCU Avenger

The Infinity Countdown has officially begun! The stones of legend have reappeared all over the galaxy and have been taken up by new owners this time around. Their very existence is a threat to life as they know it, and it doesn’t appear that everyone in possession of a stone has the most benevolent agenda in mind. If the wrong hands fall upon all of the stones it could mean the end of everything . . . and that’s no laughing matter.




In possession of the stones are some pretty familiar friends and foes from the Marvel universe. Captain Marvel has the Reality Stone, Ultron has the Soul Stone, petty crook Turk Barrett has the mind stone, Super Skrull holds the Time Stone, and Drax the former Destroyer is busy protecting the HUMONGOUS Power Stone from the Fraternity of Raptors with a little help from the Nova Corps. The Space Stone, however, well that’s another story entirely.




Infinity Countdown #1 dives right into the thick of it with most of the Guardians of the Galaxy divided and in a little over their head. The plot eventually steers towards the location of a certain powerful blue glowing crystal that has the power to teleport the user virtually anywhere. From the looks of things, Wolverine was mysteriously revived from the dead and now in possession of the Space Stone. But if you know anything about Marvel Comics, you know that they’re full of surprises!


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