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Marvel Comics Unveils The Hilarious Return Of Forbush Man And Not Brand Ecch

Jokesters and goofballs rejoice for the return of your hero, Forbush Man. In a bold move, Marvel will not only be bringing back classic top-shelf comicbook superheroes and villains throughout the next few months but also diving into more obscure corners of their illustrious past. Brand Ecch was a 13 issue satirical comicbook published by Marvel between August 1967 to May 1969, and it will be making its return in a one-shot on November 15th, 2017 with issue #14.


The main character and mascot known as Forbush Man is “Marble Comics” employee Irving Forbush, a resident of Earth-665 living with his Auntie Mayhem. He is known to be decked out in his signature pot-on-head attire, whilst sporting a long blue cape and some bright red long johns with a giant white “F” sewn into the chest area.


Marvel legends such as Stan Lee, Marie Severin, and Jack Kirby contributed to the original 13 issue run in the late 1960’s. This new run will be featuring a younger generation of artists and writers such as Nick Spencer (The Astonishing Ant-Man), Chris Hastings (Gwenpool), and Katie Cook (Star Wars).


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