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Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Universe Will Be Returning

Brian Michael Bendis will be moving on to DC Comics after spending much of his career with Marvel. This split will be one of the most significant departures in the comicbook industry to date, next to Jim Starlin leaving after a creative spat with an editor. As luck would have it, Bendis has still been devoting his final days to Marvel projects, including Spider-Men II.


This comicbook brings Bendis’ original character from Marvel Ultimate, Miles Morales, into the Prime Universe alongside Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. The Marvel Ultimate Universe was created in 2000 to bring in more young readers, adapting classic comicbook stories for the new generation.


After the events of 2015’s Secret Wars, the slate was wiped clean, displacing characters such as Miles Morales and The Maker in the Earth-616 universe.


However, the final issue of Brian Michael Bendis’ Spider-Men II has revealed that the Earth-1610 universe had somehow survived in some form or another.

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