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Marvel Comics Resurrects Important X-Men Character, Only To Kill Them Again

Marvel’s Legacy Initiative has been giving classic heroes a shot once more, including X-Men such as the original Wolverine (Logan) and Jean Grey. However, there is one essential character from the series that will not see his story continued. After his resurrection and then subsequent death in Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey (SPOILERS), Scott Summers shares a tender moment with the titular heroine.




Many may remember Cyclops’s untimely demise at the hands of Black Bolt during the Death of X storyline from 2016. By the time Summers was blown away by Black Bolt’s vicious attack, tearing him limb from limb, he had already mortally succumbed to sickness due to Terrigen exposure.


He refused to stand down against the Inhumans, leading to Black Bolt using his power against the mutant.




The Phoenix Resurrection story shifts into this plotline slightly, allowing the original Jean Grey to see Cyclops for the first time in years.

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