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Marvel Comics In March: Several Titles To Be Cancelled

Marvel’s schedule for its March 2018 publications seems to be missing some well-known titles. This past week has seen the “House of Ideas” canceling at least five comicbook series while paying particular attention to the developing “Infinity Stones” arc, a storyline that will publish in tandem with the MCU crossover film, Avengers: Infinity War.

The list of canceled comicbooks includes Unbelievable Gwenpool, Generation X, and Jean Grey with several more beloved series taking a backseat. The cancellation of Chris Hastings and Chris Bachalo’s Gwenpool has hit home for a lot of readers of the comedic series, as has the recent untimely departure of Luke Cage.

However, Cage writer David F. Walker took to Twitter to set the record straight regarding the retirement of his tile as well as the depressing trend of sales in his medium in general.

March will also see Brian Michael Bendis’s last issue of Jessica Jones. After 18 years at Marvel, Bendis recently accepted an exclusive DC contract, but he and artist Michael Gaydos will leave fans with the parting gift of a “fully painted” farewell issue of JJ. Fans of the hard-boiled detective should rest assured though, that the series will continue with a brand new creative team behind it.

There has been speculation as to the possible cancellation of the Captain Marvel series since it didn’t appear in the March 2018 solicitations. However, writer Margaret Stohl has cast any doubts aside, assuring them that she and the creative team is working very hard on upcoming Carol Danvers adventures.

Unfortunately, the March solicitations do offer both a touching image for the final cover of Hawkeye, and news of Iceman‘s final issue.

The books’ respective creators chose to address their public on Twitter as well:

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