Marvel Comics’ Avengers: Voyager’s True Origins Revealed In ‘Avengers’ #684

Spoilers Incoming for Avengers #684. Last week’s issue of Avengers: No Surrender had revealed the details of Voyager’s true origin, giving readers a look at the life of the unknown founding member of the Avengers. It is now known that the character’s heroic background has been forged by none other than The Grandmaster, who implanted false memories of her existence in her “teammates” minds. Even though her true identity has been revealed, there is still no telling where she stands as a pawn in the Grandmaster’s and Challenger’s game.



“I honestly don’t remember who first suggested the idea of a faux-founder, though I want to say it was [Editor] Tom Brevoort,” said Mark Waid laughing during an interview with CBR. “All of us were adamant on one point: no ret-conning. I was probably the loudest about that — having played that card once already in my career with Triumph, I had no interest in pulling the same trick twice, though I knew we’d be excoriated for a few weeks until the truth came out,” he continued.



“I very rarely am the one to bring the thunder,” Waid continued, “but I take pride in the idea of Voyager selling her fake origin by actually linking it to an existing (though new for this story) scientist that some of the other Avengers might have heard of, giving her tale just the right amount of verisimilitude. Brevoort, in particular, was rightfully insistent that the character design look fully appropriate to the 1960s Marvel era.”


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There is still much to be learned about the daughter of En Dwi Gast, as her story continues in the forthcoming issues of Avengers: No Surrender.

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