Marvel Comicbooks Elude That Daredevil’s End Is Approaching . . .

Since Daredevil first entered the world of Marvel comicbooks back in April 1964, the character has grown tremendously into one of the more recognizable faces in their lineup. They say that all good things must come to an end, which is precisely what is being teased at the moment for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. It’s entirely possible that the city will be losing their biggest protector, and if that’s the case, you can bet that the pages leading up to this climactic moment are going to absolutely insane.




It may all tie together with a little help from the deceased friend/love interest of Matt Murdock’s by the name of Karen Page. She was brutally murdered by one of Daredevil’s arch nemesis’, Bullseye, who killed Page with the hero’s own club!




What’s especially interesting about Karen Page is that it seems like she may have just appeared in this teaser art from Bill Sienkiewicz via Marvel Entertainment’s official Twitter account. In the art clip, you can see Daredevil with his mask off, reaching an open hand to who looks like Page. It’s hard to say for sure, but more information was announced to be coming on the 21st of this month in response to “The End” that Daredevil will supposedly be facing in the not too distant future. Check out the post below . . .






Exactly how that end will come about is still just speculation until we get more from Marvel. We do know that Matt’s fake twin brother Mike Murdock has recently manifested into reality in the comicbooks. He’s even gone as far to rat out Daredevil’s plan to get Wilson Fisk out of mayoral office and teamed up with the Kingpin to protect his own hide. It’s possible that both Mike and Kingpin could have something to do with this “end” aforementioned.




According to Marvel, the synopsis for October 17th’s Daredevil #609 reads, “The eleventh hour draws near as Matt Murdock prepares to square off against the Kingpin of Crime! Matt is forced to ask himself how long he can take hits against the ropes as Daredevil before he has to hang up the horns. But first, Matt will have to embark on a crusade to free the city of New York from Wilson Fisk’s mayoral reign!”


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