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Marvel Chief Kevin Feige Talks About Future Risks The Studio Will Take With New Characters

What Marvel Studios has been able to put together over the last 10 years is nothing short of miraculous. With chief Kevin Feige at the spearhead, this studio has pulled from the pages of comicbooks and made a rich and thriving cinematic universe that feels as real as the world around today. Other superhero movies have been done in the past, some even featuring licensed Marvel characters, but none of them have carried the gravity that films under Feige’s leadership have, and it was intended to be that way.




Pulling together characters and stories from Marvel Comicbooks and giving them real context and depth allows the audience to really make a mental and emotional connection with the cast and films. Since Iron Man kicked it off with the goal of everything coming after to be interlaced and connected, Marvel Studios has been gambling with every movie they make. It’s hard to say exactly how the audience will receive a new movie, especially when it isn’t a direct sequel to something already established and popular. But that never scared Feige away.




If you’re going to go for it, you might as well go all in, and because of that bravery, Marvel is regarded as one of the most revolutionary and successful film studios for trusting its collective gut instinct to make something that is truly representative of the Marvel Universe and all of its valuable entities.




According to Vanity Fair, Joe Russo the co-director of Avengers 3 & 4, had this to say when asked why so many have failed to achieve the heights of Marvel: “Simple. They don’t have a Kevin.”

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