Marvel Chief Kevin Feige Makes Huge Announcement On New MCU Hero Addition

It’s no secret that Kevin Feige, the Chief in charge at Marvel Studios, has a lot cooking for the next phase in content. After the first 10 years of movies leading up to Avengers: Infinity War went off virtually without a hitch, you can bet that this next wave of interconnected films will rock the cinematic world.




One of the most exciting elements about the not too distant future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that we will finally get to see Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel in action in her first movie, which doubles as the very first female-fronted MCU film to date.




Captain Marvel is not only a top tier hero in her own right, but the possible saving grace for some for some of the ones lost in Infinity War. With her powers, combined with the surviving members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, we may actually get see some sort of vengeance taking place and some wrongs righted.




But the good news just doesn’t stop. Word on the web is, Kevin Feige has plans to unveil another “marvelous” hero very soon!


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