Marvel Announces Writer for Standalone Black Widow Movie

Since the MCU first came to be, fans have been highly anticipating a spin-off film featuring Scarlett Johannson’s Black Widow. As time went on we got solo films for Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, and now Black Panther. Unfortunately, a standalone film for the first female Avenger was never in the cards. Until now, that is.


It has finally been confirmed that a writer has become attached to a Black Widow film, by the name of Jac Schaeffer. Although the film has not been officially given the green light yet, a writer being commissioned to pen the project is definitely a step in the right direction.


Schaeffer is a newcomer in the writing industry, but her talent and potential must speak for itself, because Marvel President Kevin Feige specifically chose her to work on this prestigious and long-awaited project.


Fans of Black Widow, and the MCU have been wanting this film for many years, so the news of a writer set to create the project has already sparked excitement.

It is unclear when the Black Widow-based film will move forward since Marvel Studios has their film schedule booked all the way until summer of 2019 with Avengers: Infinity War Part II. The entire Infinity War series presumably features Black Widow in a large part, so it is also unclear whether her film will be a prequel, or life after the Infinity War (whatever that may entail).

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