Majestic May Holidays To Celebrate All Month Long

Merry May is here! Join TRSL in celebrating the below festivities, won’t you?

May 1: Mother Goose Day



Real question: Who – or what – was Mother Goose, exactly? Wikipedia terms Mother Goose an “imaginary author” of various nursery rhymes and fairy tales, beginning in the early 1700s, portrayed sometimes as an older woman or even an actual goose (with a bonnet, to boot). But did you know there was such a character in Marvel Comics? That’s right. Back in Marvel Mystery Comics #79, librarian-turned-thief Jonathan Ware stole, kidnapped, and committed various other transgressions under the guise of Mother Goose. Fully committing to his alias, he even left a rhyming clue to his upcoming misdemeanor at his crime scenes.


May 4: International Tuba Day



True or false: The precursor to the tuba was a snake-like instrument called the serpent. TRUE! We wonder how many kids would take up the tuba if it looked like the image above? More or less: What do you think?


May 9: Lost Sock Memorial Day



Seriously, how does this happen every… single… time? I do laundry? Anyone else have this problem? Are all the world’s socks conspiring to build a gigantic sock puppet, or perhaps an army so they can take over the world – or first, the laundry room? There is seemingly no explanation for this inexplicable phenomenon other than what I’ve listed above. (That, or the washer/dryer eats them.) Those are the only plausible (not really) reasons. But today, let’s take a moment of silence for all those foot-related items lost in the weekly laundry battle. In a show of support, lets all don two mismatching socks, shall we?


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