Magneto’s Daughter And Logan’s Sons Take Over In ‘X-Men Blue’#25

Marvel is gearing up for something big with the mutants involved in X-Men Blue #25. If you’ve been keeping up with this series, you know that the original five X-Men from the past were transported to the future with the help of Beast’s technology. This time jump trapped Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Ice Man, and Angel in the future with no immediate solution to get them back into their proper timeline. What made matters more interesting is that the teenaged team was now existing in the same reality and timeline as their future and older selves! Talk about weird, right?




But now, with the five original X-Men misplaced somewhere in the final frontier on a mission involving Venom, a new team had to step up to the plate to fill the void that was left. Polaris, the daughter of Magneto, is up to the task and is now leading the new X-Men and holding down the fort until the others return, although it appears that their destiny may be leading towards some sort of catastrophic event in August with Extinction.




The lineup includes Bloodstorm (a vampiric version of Ororo Munroe from an alternate reality,), Jimmy Hudson and Daken (both sons of Wolverine), Gazing Nightshade, Shen Xorn, and of course Polaris.


They will be staged to take on Havok, the brother of Cyclops, who has his own idea of where mutants should be on the “food chain” so to speak.




The synopsis of the comicbook reads: “Magneto comes face-to-face with Havok, with the fate of mutantkind hanging in the balance. Emma Frost, Miss Sinister, and Bastion have formed an unholy alliance, and now is the time for them to unleash Project: Mothervine! With the Original Five lost in space, a new team of X-Men must rise to take their place!”


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