Magneto Brings Back A Team Of Familiar And Formidable Allies

Everyone’s favorite magnetic mutant is back in X-Men: Blue #34, and he’s got an awesome cover to prove it courtesy of artist R.B. Silva. This exciting issue picks up with Magneto crossing over into the future, and when he arrives he’s not exactly pleased with what he sees.




Magneto is confronted by the team of time-displaced mutants that he mentored a bit after turning over a new leaf. Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Beast, Angel, and Iceman were all supposed to handle their business and then head back to their proper timeline so as not to mess anything up. Now everything is in the open, the X-Men never returned to their home in time, and now the versions of themselves that Magneto is standing before (19 years in the future) want him dead.




An all out battle breaks loose in the future, and the X-men aren’t pulling any punches when it comes to erasing any trace of Magneto’s existence. What’s crazy though is that in the future Magneto is basically the savior of mutant kind, so the crowd of mutants surviving now are all rooting in favor of him.




Magneto is quite a bit outmatched in this fight, but then things take a turn for the unexpected.


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