‘Luke Cage’ Showrunner Partnering With Spike Lee For Sony ‘Nightwatch’ Movie

Yesterday’s obscure comicbook hero or villain can become the cinematic superstar of tomorrow. DC and Marvel have enjoyed incredible success in film adaptations, bringing life to the panels and widening the audience for the superhero genre. It appears that another Marvel character known as Nightwatch will be making his way to the big screen.




Nightwatch’s first appearance was in 1993’s Web of Spider-Man #97 as Dr. Kevin Trench witnessed the death of a costumed vigilante at the hands of terrorists armed with cloaking devices.




In an unfortunate turn of events, Trench went over to unmask the victim, revealing an older version of himself underneath. The doctor takes the costume, shocked at what he saw, and thinks that as long as he doesn’t wear it, then he won’t experience the fate laid out before him. However, things were not so simple, and Trench knew that he couldn’t avoid his destiny. Donning the suit, he worked to try and find out its origins.




Teaming up with heroes like Captain America, Black Cat, and Deathlok, Nightwatch has battled many foes including the “Maximum Carnage” gang, Flashpoint, and Cardiac. The character eventually received a massive retcon in the 2014-2015 run of She-Hulk, making Kevin Trench a lawyer at Jennifer Walters’ law firm. He was later revealed to be Nighteater, a villain functioning under the cover of a long-retired superhero/philanthropist named Nightwatch.


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