Looking Back On 90s Nickelodeon Classics With The Help Of Memes

The Man!


Doug wasn’t always the most clever kid, nor was he the smartest, but what he did have more than made up for his shortcomings. His imagination and story-telling skills were unmatched, and when things didn’t go his way, he still found a way to make it work for him!


Salute Your Shorts!


“Camp Anawanna, we hold you in our hearts, and when we think about you…” IF you were a fan of this show, you can probably still recite it to this day. “Think Anawanna-wanna, speak Anawanna-wanna.. Live Anawanna-wanna! Ugh!”


Kel, Is That You?


Keenan Thompson has taken his success on Nickelodeon and transitioned to becoming the longest-running cast member currently on Saturday Night Live. Back in the day, he starred next to Kel Mitchell on All That, Kennan and Kel, and the duo even took their talents to the big screen. If you loved them, you get this meme!


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