Looking Back On 90s Nickelodeon Classics With The Help Of Memes

“Back in the days when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore, but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again!” – Ahmad


Oh, to be a kid again for one day, right? Back when responsibility was low and fun was high. While some of you may still be kids, or have a comfortable lack of responsibility, many of us aren’t. Every day we get up and handle the business of the day to make sure we keep a roof over our family’s head, food on the table, and all of our finances handled. That’s why Thursdays are for the throwback, a chance for us to look back and reminisce about easier times.




If you grew up in the 90s, Nickelodeon was likely on your television quite a bit. You may have been a fan of Doug, Skeeter, Patty Mayonaise, and Porkchop or Tommy, Chucky, Phil, and Lil and watched every episode of Doug and Rugrats. Maybe you liked live-action or sketch comedy and made sure to tune in to Legends of the Hidden Temple or All That. Nick had a little bit of it all. Let’s take this Thursday to reminisce on the 90s in a modern way, with memes!


Before There Was Survivor!


Before reality TV shows featuring challenges, we had Legends of the Hidden Temple. Kids nowadays have their mobile games, this was the only Temple Run we needed!


Old With The New


No, Game of Thrones wasn’t around back in the 90s, but if we’re going to use memes to look back, we have to use one of the best ones there are. This is just another nod of the cap to Hidden Temple. What a classic!


Poor Rocko!


Rocko’s Modern Life was an incredibly popular show, and over the years we’ve noticed a few risque things the creators slipped in, but one thing we always knew… Rocko is always getting himself into some kind of trouble!

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