Logan Returns With The First Two Episodes Of Marvel’s ‘Wolverine: The Long Night’

The wait for the highly anticipated podcast Wolverine: The Long Night has finally come to an end, with the first two episodes of the series making their way to Stitcher Premium. This story will be implementing elements of mystery interweaved with the fantastical. The production team includes sound designer Chloe Prasinos from Reply All and Brendan Baker of Love & Radio, with Marvel’s Daniel Fink and Stitcher’s Jenny Radelet producing the series.




The official synopsis for the Wolverine: The Long Night podcast reads:


“It follows agents Sally Pierce (Celia Keenan-Bolger) and Tad Marshall (Ato Essandoh) as they arrive in the fictional town of Burns, Alaska, to investigate a series of murders and quickly discover the town lives in fear of a serial killer. The agents team up with deputy Bobby Reid (Andrew Keenan-Bolger) to investigate their main suspect, Logan (Richard Armitage).Their search leads them on a fox hunt through the mysterious and corrupt town.”




The Long Night is a podcast that appears to be a call back to the classic days of radio when baritones like Orson Welles voiced comicbook/pulp characters like “The Shadow” in the prime of the character’s franchise, sending shivers through the spines of listeners.




The series had been teased since late last year, and now that it is finally hitting the airwaves, listeners can tune in to Marvel’s first scripted podcast and hear the sounds of a mysterious story centered around everyone’s favorite Canucklehead.


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