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Lego Mini Figures For ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Revealed

Recent Instagram photos could possibly reveal much more than just new Avengers: Infinity War Minifigures from LEGO. The images contain hints as to Spider-Man’s armor in Avengers: Infinity War and a member of Thanos’s Black Order (Ebony Maw) makes an appearance as well.


However, the photo of the latter seems to have mysteriously vanished from the Instagram, which seems to indicate that Marvel Studios was quick to omit any possible spoilers for the upcoming crossover film. The reveal can be seen as part of the cover photo for this article. The Instagram user jlejean posted the photos of these LEGO Minifigures. As seen below, one figure is Iron Man wearing his Model Prime Armor.

Another photo shows Dr. Strange with a new look. He’s standing next to Thor, fresh from Ragnarok, and his father, Odin, is beside him.

Spider-Man’s costume has been a subject of debate as far as the influence of the design. However, the post containing his Minifigure could squash any doubts from fans.

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