Legion Season 2 Sneak Peek Shows Everyone “Going Mad”

It’s almost time for the return of FX’s mutant show, Legion, and some final details of the plot have been released, just in time to hype up fans for next week’s season 2 premiere. This week, FX released a behind the scenes sneak peek at of the upcoming season and showing how it relates to the previous one. Cast members and filmmakers also speak about what fans can expect as David Haller’s mind continues to be explored as season 2 starts.




The show, starring Dan Stevens, revolves around David Haller, a mutant who just so happens to be the son of Professor Charles Xavier, so you know his powers are great. Season 1 had Haller being mentally tormented by another mutant known as Amahl Farouk/The Shadow King. By the end of season 1, Haller had rid himself of the Shadow King’s influence, yet he did not defeat him once and for all. He also gets himself trapped in a tiny orb, with no knowledge of how to get out or where he really is.




The writer and creator, Noah Hawley, spoke about what the goal for season 2 is compared to the prior season, saying,

“The first year was very much about mental illness and that idea of what’s normal and what’s not normal… I wanted to continue to explore those ideas about mental illness: what is a delusion, how does a delusion take hold, how does it thrive. What does it take for a group of people to go mad?”


To match this “mad” vibe, the teaser posters for season 2 all look like the glimpse inside of a weird dream, like the one below.



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