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Legendary Artist Alex Ross Breaks Down The Difference Between Marvel And DC Heroes

Marvel and DC Comics do a great job in downplaying the competition between them, even when the die-hard fans of each company enjoy the debates with each other. The truth remains that competition is great to keep people, even subconsciously, striving to be the absolute greatest they can be. When it comes to the differences between the two companies in regards to their superheroes, they don’t normally speak out loud about them. That doesn’t mean the artists won’t.




Legendary artist Alex Ross, who has 30-plus years drawing for both Marvel and DC recently discussed the “clear differences” he sees between the two brands. While it’s completely apparent that the MCU and DCEU have different styles when it comes to making films, the comics aren’t normally discussed publicly by someone with some much inside knowledge.




While talking with Entertainment Weekly about Marvelocity, a book Ross and his co-author Chip Kidd are releasing this year, he dove into the Marvel/DC comparisons, saying,

“There’s certainly an argument to make for similarity of iconic status, but what’s always separated the two for me is Marvel’s material has always had a kinetic quality to it, particularly based on the design aesthetics of Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby. DC characters are not defined by a singular artistic voice influencing all the rest, but that’s what happened with Jack Kirby’s leadership of the entire Marvel brand. Everything is affected by what he led the charge of. That 10 years where he created the majority of those characters in the ’60s, that’s what every artist and writer has built their process upon, including the movies today. There’s a kinetic energy and a chaotic energy that embodies Marvel’s stuff.”



Hearing a take from someone so close to both brands is refreshing. He dives further into the topic on PAGE 2…